We sit down with Ben Heath, our Chief Operating Officer, to hear about the new DRIVESHARE brand. Here’s what he had to say about the journey, vision, and what’s next.

What inspired the decision to create a single brand under the DRIVESHARE name?

We noticed our users were hopping between different services to find the perfect ride. We thought, why not simplify everything? That’s why we brought everything under DRIVESHARE—it’s like having one key to unlock all the best classic cars.

You must have been hard at work behind the scenes – can you tell us how long this has been in the pipeline?

Absolutely, it’s been a thrilling ride! The idea for a unified DRIVESHARE has been in the works for about two years now. Our team has poured their hearts into making this vision a reality, from in-depth research to countless team discussions aimed at understanding and integrating our users' needs. We wanted to ensure that we got every detail just right, to bring our community the best possible experience.

How will a single, unified DRIVESHARE platform make it easier for classic car enthusiasts to find and enjoy unique driving experiences?

With everything under one roof, it's never been easier to find and book the classic car of your dreams. Our unified platform removes the hassle of searching across multiple sites, providing a seamless, intuitive interface. You’ll enjoy personalized recommendations tailored to your preferences and previous experiences. Plus, we’ve improved our booking system to ensure that planning your next adventure is as enjoyable as the drive itself. Whether you're looking for a sunny coastal cruise or a scenic mountain drive, finding the perfect car is just a few clicks away.

Is the new DRIVESHARE brand just about classic cars? How do you define ‘classic’?

While classics are our soul, we define them broadly—anything that makes your heart beat faster, be it because of its history, design, or the sheer joy it brings when you drive it. It’s not just about age; it’s about emotion.

Are there any new features on the platform that we can look forward to?

We’re thrilled to roll out several exciting features! First up, we're introducing self-drive insurance to provide peace of mind for both renters and car owners. This new option ensures that every trip is covered, making the experience worry-free. Additionally, we've enhanced the control features for car owners, giving them more authority and flexibility over how their cars are booked and used. And to grow our community, we’re launching a referral program that rewards you for bringing other classic car owners into the DRIVESHARE fold. It's a great way for our community to expand and thrive through shared connections.

How does DRIVESHARE plan to create a sense of community among classic car lovers worldwide, and really help them share that passion?

We're passionate about more than just talking about classic cars; we want to get people behind the wheel! We encourage our members to drive, experience, and share stories from their road trips and adventures. Through our platform, enthusiasts can post their driving experiences, share photos, and tell tales of their journeys. This not only helps to spread the love for these amazing machines but also connects our members through their shared passions and experiences. Plus, we organize driving tours and rallies to bring everyone together in a fun, memorable way.

Will there be any changes to the booking process with the transition to DRIVESHARE?

Yes, and all for the better! We’ve streamlined the process to make it quicker to get from ‘just looking’ to ‘joyriding’. We’re also excited to introduce insurance coverage for all our Vinty car owners to give you peace of mind while your car is out making memories. Our goal is to have you spend less time worrying about the details and more time enjoying the drive.

How will DRIVESHARE help those who don’t know much about classic cars to be part of the community – it’s not just for aficionados, is it?

Not at all! Everyone’s invited to the party. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned collector, there’s something for you here. We’ve got guides, expert advice, and a supportive community to help you get your bearings.

What role does sustainability play in the vision for DRIVESHARE's future?

We're very committed to being good stewards of the environment. We’re exploring sustainable practices like supporting electric conversions and carbon offset programs to ensure our beautiful rides can be enjoyed by generations to come.

How can people get involved and be part of the journey ahead with DRIVESHARE?

Jump in and join the ride! You can sign up, participate in events, or even share your experiences on our community blog. If you're looking for a deeper involvement, consider joining our ambassador program. As an ambassador, you'll help spread the word and bring more classic car enthusiasts into our community.

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