Renting out your vehicle on DRIVESHARE is easy and a great way to get your classic car working for you. Follow these ten simple tips to get your classic car listed and ready for renters:

1. Register with DRIVESHARE

Before you can list your car, you need to register on the DRIVESHARE platform. It’s quick and straightforward – just visit our website or download the app and sign up.

2. Click “List a Car”

Once registered, click on “List a car” from either the home page or within the app. This will take you to the listing setup page.

3. Add a Description

Provide the essential details about your car, including make, model, year, and mileage. Write a detailed yet concise description highlighting what makes your car special.

4. Upload Quality Photos

Upload at least three well-lit photos of your vehicle. High-quality images can make a big difference in attracting renters, so ensure your car is clean and the photos showcase it from multiple angles.

5. Set Your Policies

Specify your rental policies, such as fuel type, mileage limits, and any other rules renters should follow. Clear policies help ensure a smooth rental experience.

6. Choose Rental Types and Pricing

Decide which rental types you’ll offer and set the price for each:

  • Driving Rental: Renter drives the car.
  • Event Rental: Car is used for display only.
  • Chauffeured Rental: Owner or hired chauffeur drives the car.

7. Set Location and Delivery Options

Determine where renters can pick up your car and if you offer delivery. You can also set delivery fees based on distance or offer airport pickup services for added convenience.

8. Preview Your Listing

Click “Preview listing” to review all the details and make sure everything looks perfect. This is your chance to make any final tweaks before going live.

9. Publish Your Listing

Once you're satisfied with your listing, click “Done.” Your car is now live on DRIVESHARE and ready for bookings!

10. Manage Availability and Get Assistance

After your car is listed, you can adjust its availability using the calendar under the “Pricing & Availability” tab. If you need help with listing your car, you can have someone you trust assist you or contact the DRIVESHARE team for support.

By following these tips, you can successfully list your classic car on DRIVESHARE and start sharing your passion, while earning extra income at the same time. Happy listing!

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