We caught up with Garry, the owner of a 1982 Beauford Series 3 and a head-turning 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air called Peggy Sue, who's been a BookAclassic fan favourite. With over 40 bookings completed, the best experiences involved weddings, proms, as well as a music video for a pop group and a fashion shoot for a Japanese magazine! 

- Tell us a little bit about your passion for classic cars

I’ve always been a petrolhead and loved everything car or motorcycle related, I think my interest in American Classics started in the mid 70’s when my dad bought a Plymouth Road Runner, the sound that big block V8 made was off the charts and it was so fast.

- Why did you register with BookAclassic?

I registered with Bookaclassic around 5 years ago when I sold my holiday home in Florida and brought my '54 Chevy over to the UK. It seemed like a good idea to share the car with other people and also help to offset her running costs.

- How many cars do you own and how did you come to own them?

I own 2 classic cars, Peggy Sue my '54 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe and a 1982 Beauford 4 Door Convertible. I bought the Chevy to use in Florida when we had a holiday home there as the classic car scene out there is huge. The Beauford I bought as a project car after covid and after fitting a new hood and getting it roadworthy I decided to put it to work.

Both cars turn heads wherever they go and are much appreciated by the general public, I did pull up at a prearranged meeting point in the Chevrolet only to have someone come up to me and ask if I was an UBER. The Chevy had a device on the dashboard that the Americans call a Christmas tree and it’s designed to reflect the stoplights in the USA which are fitted up really high so the driver can see when they change. Many people ask me its function and my stock answer is that it’s a 1954 version of a Sat Nav and designed to reflect the stars so the driver can navigate. It’s amazing how many people believe me.

- What is your experience of doing a booking through BookAclassic?

All good, very easy to get bookings and quick payment after I’ve completed the job. My cars have been booked for many weddings and proms, as well as events such as: a shoot for a West Ham footballer's twitter blog, a music video for a pop group and a fashion shoot for a Japanese magazine.

- What is your favourite thing about the ​BookAclassic Platform?

Simplicity and very low maintenance, I just wait for the booking requests to come in.

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