We caught up with Amanda and asked her a few questions about her experience as an owner of a great fleet of classic cars and renting them out on the BookAclassic platform.

- How did you develop your passion for classic cars?

Through my love of design per se. I love it all from architecture, furniture, fashion and very much influenced by my husband, who's the original petrol head. Also, modern cars have all the high tech bells and whistles, but they lack the individual style and personality that classic cars have in abundance; and thats alluring!

- Were there any challenges that you have faced as a woman in the classic car community?

I've found the classic car community a very inclusive group. We all love the classic looks, sounds, and smells. It brings us together.

- How do you inspire and encourage other women who are interested in classic cars?

Classic cars are in the fabric of our history for many reasons. You dont have to own one to get started. There is a rich wonderful history you can study and in so many genres from pioneering manufacturing, political history to the more glamorous history of cars in Hollywood film and TV. And its social! There are so many events you can go to locally, across Europe, and meet a whole new group of people all around the world! And of course if you are looking to meet new people, there really is no better ice breaker than arriving in a classic car.

- What advice would you give to women who are considering getting into the world of classic cars?

I would encourage women to consider their strengths as a driver first and foremost. If you are buying your first classic, its less about the looks and more about the drive. Pre 1980s tend to take more effort to drive with heavier clutch changes, no wing mirrors, and some don't come with power steering; now that's a style of driving all on its own. But it's all manageable, its simply learning something new. Which is exciting! Challenging ourselves is growth. Pearls of Wisdom: Before you buy, the most important is learning to harness your passion and use your knowledge.

- Share an interesting or fun fact about classic cars that not many people may know.

The petrol cap on the Mercedes 3.5 280SE is behind the number plate!

- How do you celebrate Woman's Day as a classic car enthusiast?

The 3 P's = Polish (the car), Prep (outfit of the day for me) and Power (get out and drive)

- What are your future goals or aspirations in the classic car world?

Id love to create a classic car tv show - discovering what the car meant in history around the world.

- Is there anything else you would like to share about your journey as a woman in the classic car community?

Be prepared that the car might just be more interesting than you!

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